Web Scraping Tips From Semalt

Node.js is an open-source environment to execute JavaScript codes. PayPal, LinkedIn, Microsoft, GoDaddy, Yahoo, IBM and Cisco Systems are its most famous corporate users. In recent months, a couple of Node-based data extractors have been introduced, but the most famous is Product Scraper.

Product scraper is suitable for e-commerce websites and scrapes information from BestBuy, Walmart, eBay, Target and Amazon like websites. This tool provides us with accurate information about a product including its title, description, image, and price. Furthermore, Product scraper has an easy-to-use API and can be integrated with any web browser conveniently.

Product scraper as a suitable data extraction tool:

If you have recently established an e-commerce website, you may want to collect information about your competitors and suppliers, their products, prices, and images. You can easily compare different e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Walmart, and eBay and obtain useful information using Product Scraper. This tool is unique because it helps compare different e-commerce sites, obtain their product lists, images, reviews, and pricing information. Unlike other ordinary tools, product scraper obtains the data by crawling and comparing different web pages online and gets you details about sellers and suppliers. Thus, we can say that Product Scraper is the backbone of e-commerce websites.

Use product scraper to monitor the competitors' prices and services:

Selling different products online at competitive prices has always been challenging for all of us. Sometimes users get confused about the fluctuating prices of different products on the Internet. Amazon and eBay try to keep the prices at a good level and aim to attract more and more customers. For a startup, obtaining product information is very important. With Product Scraper, it will be easy for you to compare the prices of different products and optimize your website in a better way. For instance, if you want to extract data from travel portals or e-commerce companies, you should try Product scraper instantly. This tool will collect, organize and extract data for you in real time.

Use Product scraper to evaluate the market trends:

The e-commerce sites and online businesses regularly monitor their counterparts. For instance, Amazon keeps an eye on the current market trends and collects information about products and services of BestBuy and Walmart. Moreover, it compares their prices and products with its own range. Product scraper will get you the same kind of information. This tool will help gain actionable insights and will get you well-extracted data for your business. Apart from that, it will provide information about how your competitors are shipping their products and what type of discount is being offered online.

Product scraper fetches accurate information about suppliers:

E-commerce websites and marketplaces have hundreds of active suppliers. With Product Scraper, you can collect information about numerous suppliers and can compare their products and prices. You can also pull data from Amazon and eBay and can crawl your web pages accordingly. Web developers and programmers can create scalable servers with product scraper and can accomplish a number of tasks easily.